Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do the right thing with shoes

If you are a worldly person then you may have already known, if not you surely know now, in the Arab world revealing the sole of your shoe is an extreme insult! And thanks to an Arab Reporter in Iraq we all now know it is even worse to have shoes thrown at you.

Now many have already jumped on the band wagon with edited videos and an immediate game within the first 48 hours of the incident. I have a better idea.

I want to make a real impression and I want to help some good causes while I am at it.

All you have to do is donate through the Paypal link provided, and I will do the rest.

The plan:

Purchase all the shoes I can, through your donations, and have them delivered to Mr Bush.

Why would it be an interesting thing to do? Well, I think it is about time the American people let it be clearly known how much WE disagree with the concept of the War in Iraq! What better way than to show it in a way that everyone in the Middle East would recognize. Deliver a huge lot of old used shoes to the person who has directed this dishonest strategy, which has also made the citizens of the USA look bad too. After all we re-elected him!

Help me show the people Of Iraq that we support them as much as we support our troops who are there doing their duty and following the orders of the officers appointed over them, Congress, and the President.

Help me out, Everyone wants to be able to see that WE THE PEOPLE can support our troops while not supporting the failed politics!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Message to the World

Capico International Update: An Open Letter to Terrorists

Thank you Ron for the words! Too bad people who engage in terrorism do not, in fact, have the mentality to see moderate thinking as viable.

Most of the people who engage in the destruction of human life as a measure of control over those lives left, simply do not see the deaths as anything muchless the cold blooded murder that it is.

Too bad there is no hell! Too bad there is not a judging or punative Allah, God, Buddha, Higher Power.

Our energies are all connected and intertwined and even the engy that powers dispicable acts in this stage of consciousness are accepted into the next.

Peace and love to all, even those who create pain and suffering!